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Uplevel your confidence, uplevel your business.

I know how it feels to be afraid.

Your business is new and the world seems to be falling apart. You wonder if you have done the right thing, got the timing wrong, if it’s just destined not to be.

In truth, we will survive this. As a global community we can even come out stronger and so can your business.

But only the businesses who have the faith to keep going will survive.

You cannot fail when you keep going. You cannot fail when you believe in yourself so much that you won’t give up.

With confidence you can…

πŸ’₯ Stop procrastinating and take courageous action
πŸ’₯ Be visible online and even do videos
πŸ’₯ Promote your business and get leads

The future may seem uncertain but I can help you can take control of you and build the confidence you need to succeed.

The Dream to Reality Mastermind is a 6 week group coaching program comprising a weekly challenge module, live group calls via Zoom and a private Facebook group where mastermind members can interact, motivate and support each other throughout the programme.

By the end of the mastermind you will have:

πŸ’– Clarity of vision, clarity of direction, clarity of purpose.

πŸ’– Brought your beliefs, values and goals into soul-alignment.

πŸ’– Identified any blocks you have and developed a success mindset to push through them.

πŸ’– Learnt how to manifest your dreams into reality.

πŸ’– Confidence that your every decision and action is soul-aligned and moving you toward vision.

πŸ’– Accepted vibrancy, joy and balance as your birthright.

πŸ’– Started building a life that you love, and allows you to be the kickass mama and businesswoman you truly are and were always meant to be.

Register for a one time payment of €197

Register for 4 x €50 weekly payment installments

The mastermind will focus on helping you clarify your vision for the future, identify areas of your life and business currently out of alignment with your vision, values and beliefs, selecting individual areas that you wish to focus on and implementing a plan of action to help give you the roadmap to succeed.

We will also delve into any limiting beliefs, fears and doubts holding you back and work together to build your toolbox of strategies to develop a success mindset.

In addition we will also get specific about what supportΒ YOUΒ need, and resources, places and people that may facilitate that.

The Dream to Reality Mastermind Facebook group will stay open and monitored for 90 days after the completion of the program so you continue to be supported as you move forward and implement your plan.

The beta programme will be run at a discounted price of €197 during the test phase while adjustments are made to cater to the online group delivery format. Intake will be strictly limited to a maximum of 20 members to ensure that you receive a highly personalised experience.

Your feedback at all stages will be highly valued and taken into consideration both for the improvement of your own journey experience and also for future participants in the programme who will benefit from your suggestions and feedback.

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