Hey there, gorgeous girl!

I’m Tracey, an Australian girl living in beautiful Turin, Italy with my husband, two kids and a Bengal cat named Maple.

I LOVE the outdoors. The mountains are my happy place. I love looking out the window and seeing the snow capped peaks, or their deep dusky indigo shadow against the colours of the sunset sky. They fill my heart with joy and I am so grateful to be surrounded by them!

I love working with people, which is one of the things that inspired me to become a coach in the first place. I spent many years working in various sales and customer service facing roles but it wasn’t until I became a Cub Scout leader in my children’s Scout group that I discovered my purpose in life was to help others achieve things they never thought possible.

My favourite clients are the global women and mamapreneurs who are facing a crossroads in their life, career or business and are feeling overwhelmed by the road ahead of them. I’m on a mission to help them to clarify their passion, direction and purpose, set soul-aligned goals that facilitate balance and develop the success mindset needed to overcome the fears and doubts that hold them back.💗

It’s my belief that as women, mamas and entrepreneurs, our lives and our businesses are so deeply intertwined that coaching requires a holistic approach.

When we become mothers, we don’t stop being women with ambitions, plans or needs of our own, just as we can’t keep separate the needs of our families on our time when we run a business.

Every client’s needs are different. Sometimes we need to focus on the business side, and sometimes on balancing the personal side – if things are misaligned in one area they will almost always affect the other.

So my promise to you, as my client, is that I will put my focus and my energy into what YOU need from me, NOT just give you a cookie cutter approach that doesn’t really meet your needs.

Let me help you put a strategy in place so you can be the best mama and businesswoman you can be.